this is just a little of something I’m writing. When I got to Emerson I felt my stomach ack I could not breath and then my Mom said “ It’s ok it’s going to be short “ the bell rang and I went inside. I walked in and saw my teacher Mrs Optie she said “Hello” and I went to my seat where I met Justin S, Evan ,Josh and Julian. The school day went by fast like my Mom said we went to lunch and recess. After that I was ready to go home but we didn’t we just went to gym. Where I saw my gym teacher Mr Jacklin he was nice but he was pretty mean too. After that we went back to class we stayed in there a played on our iPads. At the end of the day I went home and asked why I needed to go to school and she said “ because you have to” so that was my answer so I lived with it. But I learned that you might not get the best teacher but you got a good one that teaches you.

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